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 Electronics For You PLUS    A premium version of Electronics For You magazine
Electronics For You PLUS
Electronics For You PLUS (EFY Plus), as the name suggests, is an upgraded version of Electronics For You magazine and printed on high quality paper in a state-of-the-art printing press. A DVD filled with software for electronics professionals accompanies each issue of the magazine. EFY Plus carries a special 8-page feature that details the software bundled in this DVD and the tips to use them.
Catering to a special audience, EFY Plus has found acceptance from key players and readers alike, and continues to be a special and focused publication.

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 Electronics For You    South Asia's most popular Electronics magazine
Electronics For You
Electronics For You (EFY) is a magazine for the electronics fraternity, and reaches out to industry professionals, design engineers, businessmen and hobbyists. In publication since January 1969,EFY focuses on the technology updates and innovations that matter to this community.
The country's largest selling technical publication,EFY enjoys a readership base of over half-a-million besides being the preferred and most referred publication in the electronics industry. With continued patronage from its readers, it has grown to become South Asia's Most Popular Electronics Magazine.

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 Open Source For You    The complete magazine on Open Source
Open Source For You
Open Source For You (OSFY) is a complete magazine on open source, and is today a big hit with those who love FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). OSFY carries tech articles on Linux and open source for newbies, administrators, developers and fans of open source. Its main objective, however, is to help organisations enhance their Return-on-Investment (RoI) by deploying Linux or open source solutions.
Accompanied by a free CD, which carries source code, white papers, software tools, Linux distributions, and even games, the magazine is well accepted by the community it represents.

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 EFY EZINE SUBSCRIPTION FOR 10 YEARS WITH FREE Latest RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B    Digital version of Electronics For You
Built on the latest Broadcom 2837 ARMv8 64bit processor, the new generation Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is faster and more powerful than its predecessors and it come with built-in wireless
and Bluetooth connectivity,making it an ideal IoT ready development board .

Whats Great About It?

* Its 50% faster than RPI 2
* Built in Bluetooth LE and Wifi Module
* Supports 1080p videos at 60fps without much lag than its predecessors
* It has the same form factor as that of Raspberry Pi 2
* It is compatible with all projects designed for its predecessors boards
*Wireless Keyboard and wireless mice can now work out of box

Tech Specs:

• Processor Chipset - Broadcom BCM2837 64Bit Quad Core Processor powered Single
• Board Computer running at 1.2GHz
• Processor Speed - QUAD Core @1.2 GHz
• RAM - 1GB SDRAM @ 400 MHz

• USB 2.0 - 4x USB Ports
• HDMI -1XPort
• Max Power Draw/voltage - 2.5A @ 5V
• GPIO - 40 pin

• Storage - supports MicroSD

• Ethernet Port - Yes
• WiFi - Built in
• Bluetooth LE - 4.1

• 3.5mm analogue audio-video jack

EFY eZine is the digital version of EFY magazine. By subscribing to the eZine version, you will be able to access the magazine on the first week of every month without having to wait for delivery of a conventional physical magazine. EFY eZine also allows you to continue accessing all the old issues of the magazines to which you have subscribed to, without having to use up space at home in storing them.

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 Electronics Bazaar    India’s First B2B Sourcing Guide For Electronics Industry
Electronics Bazaar
Electronics Bazaar (EB) is the country's first sourcing magazine for India’s electronics industry. It aims to provide a B2B platform for buying and selling of electronic products in India and is a must read for those who want to keep themselves updated with all that's happening in the Indian electronics industry.
EB covers current and future market trends, buying and selling opportunities, product launches, and innovations driving the Indian electronics industry. The magazine is a very important and authentic source of information for all seeking to enter or expand their business in the Indian electronics industry.

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